Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We may have saved this Apricot tree. The leaves were dry and drooping badly when we arrived. After a couple days of watering, and the removal of a couple dead limbs, it's all perked up and looking very healthy again!
There are several nice grape plants along the fence. They were in need of water, but they are still healthy, and it looks like they really had a good crop this year. Some water and winter pruning and they will be as good as new.
Some roses that Pat has cleaned out and watered, Things are looking better around the place. These need to be pruned this fall.
The front of the house. Including a crab pot and some seagulls, next to a couple of cactus plants.
This is the area that the last person (John) that was here planted a garden. When he left, he took most of the bearing plants with him and left the junk.
Pat on her morning inspection tour.
The garage from the back of the house. There is a nice workbench inside, but since there is a boat in there, it's not usable as a garage .
This is where we have our morning coffee. After about 8 AM, it 's tooo hot to go outside for much of anything.
The boxes for the automatic watering system. they are now all cleaned out, some broken wires repaired, the water on, and the timer in the garage all set. About half the system works now, it will require more repair to get it all watering.
From the patio looking out to the street.
Pat went outside this morning to "sit" and have coffee. She lasted about 30 seconds before getting up to check out the weeds and trees and bug the neighbor's dog
Things are starting to look like home.
Yesterday was "vacuum" day. We bought a new belt for the little dirt devil, then ended up buying a new Bissel from Wal-mart. Pat is busy cleaning.
Pat up early checking the local weather. 111 in Bullhead City and lake Havasu today. Only calling for 104 again today in Kingman. This was our coolest night, got down into the 70's last night! We both slept well for a change.
The new Walmart Vac really works well! This is the first time to empty, it's very easy...NO bag!
Another property that is For Sale. Large garage and workshop, Listed in the $50's but we didn't like this one as well as the other 2 we looked at.
The "Patsy" Drive place. One long block to Route 66. Has about 3" of insulation on the roof, well kept. We may look more at this one. Asking is $68K, but it's empty and may go for less. There is a covered patio and carport on the back side, and a good fence all around the property.
Garage-workshop, with storage building. There is an RV pad behind it too.
Large lot, all fenced. Brick double car garage, nice doublewide that has been remodeled inside. We may look more at this one, they are asking $61K, probably could be had for less.
Catching a little early morning shade before it gets too hot outside. It's in the 80's all ready.
The evening skyling on the NW side of Kingman, from Northern Avenue.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Most of the trees are in pretty good condition, a little dry since the auto watering system has been out of order for awhile. This is the only tree that's dying, and it's because it's a lot older than a normal one of this type lives. It will have to be removed soon.
This is an apricot tree that is dying. The maintenance man says it's way past it's prime, and dying of natural causes.
The cactus has been trimmed and looks a lot better than it did when we stopped by here in January. The place needs some work, but is a lot better than we expected.
These cows are in the back yard of the lot in Kingman. The yardman milks them twick a day.....
The mobile is on a double lot.
A different view from the roof.
Pat spent some time before it got too hot today sweeping up around the place, so it looks a little nicer now. I bought some very good ant killer, and was amazed at how well it worked. There were a lot of them out and about, but one treatment around the property seemed to do the trick, they're all gone as far as I can see.
This is the half of the property that is used to set up an RV or whatever. There is a nice garden spot, and several fruit trees.
Hey Preston! I found another of your places! And, you may have to click on the picture to read the other sign, but it seems like snakes are welcome at the animal hospital...
Lou, the caretaker and I spent a long Sunday morning working on the Swamp Cooler. It certainly was worth the time! Makes a lot of difference in the temperature in the house.
View from the roof. This is the home on the North side of the property, it's a rental.
The limbs are starting to rub on the top of the trailer is some places when the wind blows. These are male Mulberry trees, good for shade, and requires about 10 huge lawn bags to pick up the leaves every fall Lou will get the branches trimmed soon.
The living room. Pat has been busy dusting and putting things in order for us to stay for a few days.
When someone stole the water pump in the Swamp Cooler, they removed and took all the tubing from the roof down to the fitting in the water heater compartment too...This is some old used tubing.
Some of the old tubing Lou is trying to repain the swamp cooler with. this is on the roof of the mobile home. The sealer on the roof will need to be renewed before long too.
The rear entry, laundry room, and the furnace. The cover is off because the furnace has been "summerized".
Julie didn't know what was going on. She's never has been this hot in her little 9 year life! She enjoyed standing in front of the fan. I think she looks like Piglet in Winnie the Pooh.
This is for Bob and Ronda. One of John Hannukaine's paintings.
Lou made several splices using old copper the end, I went to an ACE hardware, bought new tubing and fittings, and did the job right. He was getting very tired, and it was well over a hundred degrees on the roof.
The new water pump for the Swamp cooler. In the process of hooking it up.
The Master bedroom. this is where we piled all the sheets that are used to cover the furniture when the place is empty. Helps keep the dust down. We haven't used this room at all.
The guest bath, this one also has a door into the smaller bedroom.
The Harley Shop in Kingman.
The smaller bedroom. Each has it's own bathroom.
Yep, the Mother Road!
Lou checking out a wire that had been cut when someone stole the water pump from the Swamp Cooler.
Junk left after theives took everything they wanted from the garage. Even the ant killer, and garden supplies.
The workbench in the garage. The person that was staying on the property went through everything and took all the copper fittings and anything else of value. The garage had been buglerized before, and a nice boat motor, gas cans, about 15 fishing poles, reels and lots of gear was taken.
Pat had a couple of wet towels that she kept shifting from the freezer to her to try and stay a little cool. It was 104 outside the house when we got there, 97 inside. By 5:30 AM it had cooled down to 89 degrees inside with the windows open and the fan going.